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Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Thank you for visiting OperaTales.com. I consider it a privilege to be able to share my children’s operas with you and hope you’ll find the information provided here useful.

Over the years I’ve been guided by the light of a very simple thought while writing and producing operas for children:

When young people have fun doing something for the first time, it’s a pretty good bet they’ll want to do it again.

Admittedly, this little adage seems too obvious to be profound, but I believe its usefulness in presenting opera as a first-time experience cannot be overstated. My hope for all who produce the operas I’ve written for children is that reports of having "had fun" will resonate long after you’ve packed up sets and costumes and said goodbye. To that end I am most grateful for your consideration.

Thanks again, John

About John Davies

John Davies John Davies has performed with opera companies throughout the United States, including the Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera, and the opera companies of Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Omaha, Cincinnati, Phoenix, Nashville, and Anchorage. He has also performed in concert as bass-baritone soloist with the symphony orchestras of Boston, San Francisco, St. Louis, Detroit, San Antonio, Indianapolis, Chattanooga and Syracuse.

A father of six children, and grandfather of many more, John takes an active interest in the performing arts for young people. His operas for young audiences have been presented by more than 150 opera companies and university opera programs in the United States and Canada.




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