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John Davies has a wonderful talent for taking familiar opera arias and creating a story around which they can easily and entertainingly be presented to a group of young listeners who are unfamiliar with opera. This makes opera fun, familiar, and non-"stuffy." You know it’s good when students come to school the next day singing the tunes. Fort Worth Opera has had tremendous success with his productions in the past, and I already know we’ll be doing The Three Pigs again next year.

Clyde Berry, Director of Education, Fort Worth Opera

"Little Red’s Most Unusual Day is one of the best operas for children we have ever had the pleasure of presenting. The work sparkles with wit, humor, and fun, and is a definite audience pleaser for children and adults alike."

John Hoomes, Artistic Director, Nashville Opera Company

The Billy Goats Gruff
—"Excellent example of opera music, theatrical performance and the anti-bullying theme...This was one of the best performances ever given at Horace Mann"—

Susan Hendery, Principal, Horace Mann Elementary, Binghamton, NY

The Billy Goats Gruff
—"It exceeded our expectations...it provided our students with a wonderful introduction to opera...we all (students, faculty and staff) LOVED it."

Mary Teresa McCormick and Helene Runion, Music Teachers, Voorheesville Elementary, Voorheesville, NY

—"We all enjoyed it immensely - the music, the singing, the costumes, props, sets and acting...Thank you so much for allowing the kids to experience opera in such a delightful way and at the same time, teaching them good lessons.

Rose Reigel, Home School teacher, Susquehanna Valley, NY

—"Pinocchio was a great success at our school and we are so glad you brought this classic to life through opera."

Susan Crua, Music Teacher, East Hill Elementary, Canajoharie, NY



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